Give B a Derby Vixen name. Win tickets to the next bout

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These are the folks I hang out with on Friday nights for a special yoga class for the Lansing Derby Vixens:

Mullicious Intent * Gluteus Maxine * Rock of Shove * Evil Irene * Addie Mortem * Nast E Dogbyte


They sound badass, right?

I’m an honorary Vixen but it’s not legit until I have a name. And apparently “Just B” isn’t cutting it.

So….I’ve opened up to the public to come up with my Vixen name.

Come up with my new name and you get a pair of tickets to Saturday’s Smackalaureate bout at the Lansing Center.


Here’s what’s on the Facebook wall so far:  (they’re lot’s of fun!)

Bad asana or Bad assana

Yoga suture

Vira BadAssAna (like Vira De Milo from the old In Living Color)

Prana-B on-ya…

Yogi Grin & Bearra

Check your Chi ‘B’?

Vitamin ‘B’ & Chi

Warrior B!

“The Chi ‘B’ Force”

“MaCHIne Gun”

“Queen ‘B'”

Instructor Destructor!!!

The last body-bender (like the last air-bender)

BadAssana Warrior or Warrior BadAssana

Vitamin ‘B’ & Chi w/ a shot of ginko-B-Yoga”

Kiki Asana

“Yoga Get Whooped.”

“The B-urston Busty Buttkicker!” (um, yeah no Ryan, not a chance)

Keep ‘em coming and I’ll make an online survey for you all to vote for the favorite one by mid-week.

Winning name to be announced Friday and the person who comes up with the winning name gets two tickets to next Saturday’s bout (June 11) at the Lansing Center.

And of course then the book tour and movie release.

6 thoughts on “Give B a Derby Vixen name. Win tickets to the next bout”

  1. Emily says:

    Ok I’m stealing Janice’s idea – Queen B-on-ur-asana!

    1. Monica says:

      Hey… Queen B was Emilio’s entry! So any use of it gets us one ticket yes? lol 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    Om Gonna “B”eat you up

    Chakra Kahn

    Downward-Facing Dawg … J/K 😉

    So many options w/different yoga terms!

  3. Lake/Storm Front Ryan says:

    Well, if “The B-urston Busty Buttkicker” has no chance, you’re gonna love these alternatives:

    “Bossy Buxom B-elzebub”

    “The Notorious Bad Ass B”

    “B & A” (Oh, the possibilities for what this could stand for are endless!)

    “Q’d In The B” (Use your imagination. :-O )

    And with this post, I’m counting down the seconds until I’m banned from this site . . . and from yoga class. 😉

  4. Yvonne says:

    How ’bout:

    B Very Afraid


  5. Heather L. says:

    Oh B One Chi

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