Just B Yoga is a Hometown Health Hero?

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What what?

Look at what was in the Just B Yoga inbox today.

Just B Yoga Award Letter pdf

What an wonderful honor from the Michigan Department of Community Health (a REO Town neighbor) and the city of Lansing. I cannot say that two years ago when the idea of free yoga in Lansing came to mind that in any way the vision was what we are today.

It was simple – make yoga and tai chi affordable and accessible.

If only for one and a half hours a week someone who was out of work, down on their luck or maybe not the most fit – got a chance to move and share community in a positive and supportive environment – then we are for it. That’s what started us. That’s what remains in our core.

And it’s being recognized!

I hope this honor helps bring more exposure to the programs we offer so that more folks who need what we have to offer find us.

Thank YOU Lansing. Thank YOU to our students. Thank YOU to our teachers.


6 thoughts on “Just B Yoga is a Hometown Health Hero?”

  1. Laura dlR says:

    I think you need to take the question mark off of the title. Just B is TOTALLY a Hometown Health Hero. LOVE! 🙂

    1. BelindaThurston says:

      Hah! How about super hero? And we make a cape with the B logo on it?

  2. Congratulations, Belinda! You continue to impress and inspire with your spirit and hard work to create the reality of Just B Yoga. I love watching it from afar!

    1. BelindaThurston says:

      Thank you so much Mark.

  3. JulieC says:

    Getting the recognition you deserve! Wonderful, Just B!

  4. Congratulations!!!! This is just so wonderful! Keep on being B! xo

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