How many sun salutes should I do this morning?

How many sun salutes should I do this morning?

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img_8016How many sun salutations should I do this morning?

How many is enough?

What am I hoping the effect will be? Enough sun salutes to reverse the rotation of the earth on its axis? Turn back time? To when? To what?

How many prostrations should I perform this day?

As I go up and down where goes the focus of my body, speech and mind?

How many do I need?

What do the ancestors require?

What does our collective spirit require to find peace and wholeness?

What amount of sage and cedar and patchouli or rose water should I offer?

Do I choke out the entire house as though smoking out the demons, inviting what in for our hearts and our love?

What amount of sanitizing for spirit should I offer? What practices must I do?

What prayers do I choose today?




Our Father?

Hail Mary?

The Serenity Prayer?

What must I do this day?

I sit.

I practice.

I remain faithful and disciplined to connection to our one-ness, our journey toward love and peace, which is rocky and turbulent and perilous.

I sit.

I practice.

Breath. Presence. Love.

I sit.

I practice.




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