All are welcome at Just B Yoga, even if you voted for Trump

All are welcome at Just B Yoga, even if you voted for Trump

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Facebook message to Just B Yoga: “…Also, in response to Thursday’s post, does the studio’s philosophy of diversity & inclusion extend to those who are non-political or who have alternative political views? I presume the answer is yes… (Alternative, as in alternative to yours.)”

Of course my answer was yes. And this blog post could be done.


But I found myself thinking about this question a lot. Then I thought, what did we post Thursday? Was there something particularly political? Aah. I guess it was a little.

I have been sitting in pause thinking about what I posted and why and why I aligned it with Just B Yoga.

So I appreciate the person’s question and the opportunity to reflect and articulate.

So again, and with emphasis, yes we encourage political diversity in our yoga studio. There are some Just B Yoga students who voted for the current president. I hope it always remains this way so that we have diversity of thoughts. I want healthy and vibrant discussion.


So yes, come to Just B Yoga no matter your beliefs. I mean that.

But come with an open mind and heart. Come knowing that you may be practicing next to a trans woman or a person in recovery from opioid addiction. You may be practicing next to a Muslim or a refugee. You may have your mat rolled out alongside a polyamorist or a person on welfare. Our classes may have 6-year-olds practicing alongside their dad or 71-year-olds in a handstand. Our supporters are curvy and spindly, vegans and meatavores. Our family goes by the pronouns they, them, zhe, zher and zhem, among many.


We are a vibrant and diverse community of thinkers and believers but we are unified in being compassionate and conscious in sharing our love.

We love each other.

We love you.

We want to spread and share love and cultivate it block by block of our town.


Now, do I, the owner of Just B Yoga, have progressive liberal leanings? Yes.

Do I share material that has that political reflection? Yes.

Will I change that? No.

I believe what I share reflects how I live my yoga and how I share my practice off the mat.

I am pro freedom. And if your freedoms don’t infringe on mine – have at it.

If your freedom hurts my ability to drink clean water, breathe clean air, move about this globe freely, love whomever I want freely… I think you get it; I’m not for it.


If you want to sit down and talk about how we can not hurt each other in the pursuit of our freedoms, I will hold the chair out, serve the tea and pull out the whiteboard.


I’m glad this person asked. I’m glad they were brave enough to ask. I don’t know if it was meant as a challenge, but I’m glad to think about it and answer it.


Because if we don’t share the same political beliefs does that mean we aren’t still all one?

If we don’t share the same activities and neighborhoods, does that mean we’re not connected?

If we don’t think the same and look the same, do we not care about one another?


The light in me, sees and loves the light in you.

Namaste from Just B Yoga.

One thought on “All are welcome at Just B Yoga, even if you voted for Trump”

  1. Yuval L says:

    Really enjoyed this post. Nowadays, it’s rare to see a liberal have any sympathy towards Trump supporters. I think that diversity is necessary for survival, and that if everyone supported the exact same candidate, the system would collapse.

    I didn’t vote for Trump (I hesitantly voted Clinton) but I did support him for a few months before. One of the reasons was because how many leftists worshipped the left unconditionally, and it really overwhelmed me.

    I might go to a class Saturday. I have many unconventional views that have faced sharp resistance.

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