Practice note:  Welcome mistakes in yoga playfully

Practice note: Welcome mistakes in yoga playfully

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If you approach your yoga or meditation practice – any conscious-elevating experience – with a result-oriented mind-set you’ve already missed the point.   Make a mistake. I want students to feel that stumble in one-legged poses. I encourage folkx to allow that trembly, shaking feeling when their core is exerting […]

Balance act: A practice of attention, patience and humor

Balance act: A practice of attention, patience and humor

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I have no balance. This is a common claim of many who want to start yoga. They are hoping for a yoga pose or a video they can watch to “give me balance.” Balance is not a perfectly level scale. We are not perfectly symmetrical beings. We are not perfect. […]

Eccentric Enlightened Bodhisattva

Eccentric Enlightened Bodhisattva

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This past weekend we had a lovely gathering of friends and family at the studio celebrating the life of John Bolan and the community he helped grow. There were gifted visual artists and artisans. There was divine music by Konstantin Polyakov. There was fresh produce and plant starts by local […]

Gratitude is an action

Gratitude is an action

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(From Thanksgiving 2018) Gratitude is more than feeling fortunate. Feeling fortunate has been aligned with luck. Reveling in personal luck and abundance over others’ suffering and lack implies a right to an unearned privilege. I cannot celebrate my unearned privilege of fortune and be grateful I wasn’t in a wildfire, […]

Mindfulness tip? Start where you are

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“How do I turn my brain off?” This is a frequent question. “Will yoga teach me to turn off my mind?” The pace and pressure of modern American life is squeezing people into a corner where there’s nowhere to hide from the mind chatter. And most of the solace we […]

Student profile: Betty Gauthier

Student profile: Betty Gauthier

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Name:  Betty Gauthier Pronoun:  She, her, hers When did you start coming to Just B Yoga? What attracted you?   Early 2017 I believe.  I greatly appreciated the diversity of the classes and the love and acceptance of all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity.  As a […]



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