Class descriptions

Class descriptions

“Just B Yoga represents diversity of shape, size, age, race, sexual orientation, gender identification and/or expression, and is committed to making our programs accessible and affordable to all.”

Our vow to you:  IMG_9394

We respect our students and their needs.

We are committed to teaching yoga safely and mindfully.

We will not give hands-on adjustments without a student’s consent.

Responsibility of the Student:

We ask students to mindfully select the class that will suit your abilities at this time and to inform the instructor of any injuries, surgeries, restrictions, sensitivities or areas of concern.

Learn about studio etiquette HERE

Meditation (Level 1)  Find quiet in mind and body with this 20-minute  meditation class. The class offers a variety of techniques drawing from Tibetan Buddhist, yoga and Taoist practices.  The goal is to give practitioners accessible entry points to meditation. (Instructor: Belinda)

Basics (Level 1-2) The basic fundamental approach to most poses are offered. Students learn to modify postures and to use supportive yoga props to make poses and movements accessible and safe. Class also introduces students to foundations of breath practice (pranayama), meditation (dhyana) and philosophy (sutra). (Instructor: Belinda)

Karma Yoga (Level 1-3) This is a teacher trainee taught class. Recent trainees get to teach full classes and the donations from the class go to a different cause each month. (Instructor – rotating)

Spirit Flow (Level 1-3) Connect with the voice of your spirit through this meditative movement class that blends gentle slow flow yoga, techniques from Kundalini yoga, breath practice and yoga nidra (a guided meditative relaxation). (Instructor: Elige)

Recovery Yoga – Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Level 1-3) This is a yoga class and 12-step meeting combination. This class is for all addictions and relatives of those with addictions. (Instructor: Belinda or Kathy Reddington)

IMG_9127Tai chi (Level 1-3) Learn this soft style martial art known for its slow, gentle and graceful movements. The form is a set sequence of movements that relaxes the mind and body, strengthens the legs and back, improves overall balance and coordination and increases focus. Accessible for seniors and those with knee and back problems. (Instructor: Belinda)

Yoga 2eXceL (Level 1-3) Taught with elements from Curvy Yoga training, this class is designed especially for bigger and taller bodies. Sequences may gradually flow from gentle and restorative to moderately-paced to build strength, stability, balance and flexibility along with breath awareness. Students learn to modify postures and to use supportive yoga props to make poses and movements accessible and safe. (Instructor: Belinda)warrior

Chakra Flow (Level 2-3) Balance all of your energy centers with a creative integration of yoga poses, breath practice, meditation, sound, chanting, and aromatherapy. Modifications and variations are offered (to suit diverse bodies and abilities). (Instructor: Belinda)

Juicy Yoga (Level 2-3)  Find the juicy feel-good spaces in your practice in this two-part class. The first half of the class focuses on building heat, strength and flexibility with a practice that focuses on flow and transition, finding the ‘juicy’ through movement. The second part of the class moves into a yin or restorative space, using props to support longer holds, finding the ‘juicy’ through stillness. Focus is given to proper alignment and breath awareness. (Instructor: Donnielle and Elige)

LGBTQ Flow (Level 2-3) This LGBTQ and Ally-friendly class offers a safe and nurturing space for exploring moving our bodies and connecting with our spirit. Class varies from a flowing yoga sequence to workshop-style classes in which focus is given to a type of posture, transition or philosophy. Poses are taught considering various possibilities like recent surgeries, the effect of hormonal changes or overall body image/identification issues. (Instructor: Belinda) (on hold until spring)

2012 108sun jena29Slow Flow Yoga (Level 2-4) Moving through flowing yoga sequences, your body and mind will be challenged with the progressive longer holds this class offers. Build strength and stamina while finding balance in this calming but engaging class. (Instructor: Veronica)

Empower (Level 2-4) Empower yourselves to find your edge without cutting yourself with it! This challenging class is suited for students who have developed fundamental understanding of breath awareness and alignment in yoga postures and transitions. Specific focus is given to core and upper body poses, including inversions and arm balances. Modifications and variations are offered to suit diverse bodies and abilities. Studio heated to 80-90 degrees. (Instructor: Belinda)




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