Yoga Tip: Aligning your yoga for voluptuous thighs

I have big thighs.

Nice, voluptuous, round, thick, muscular, strong, Polish thighs.

photo 4

They’ve been with me my whole life. They play an important role in my yoga practice. Their muscles help me stabilize my Virabhadrasana III and balance in Tree Pose.

My thighs are an awesome part of my practice. No thigh gap here…in fact, my thighs rub together and I hate wearing skirts without nylons.

So, when the yoga teacher asks me to “bring your toes and heels together” in any standing posture, like Tadasana (mountain pose), I have my thighs “in the way.”

Truly, my thighs aren’t a problem, it’s my body and it is beautiful. But, bringing my toes and heels together causes some serious issue.
photo 1
Because my thighs are voluptuous, bringing my feet together forces my femur bones, the long bone from hip to knee, to roll out wards. This puts pressure on my sacroiliac (or SI) joints. It also tweaks knee ligaments by bending the knees outward. We want to stretch our muscles in yoga, NOT our tendons and ligaments!

A very simple solution is to bring the knees hip distance apart. Allow your feet to come straight out of your hip sockets. photo 3

Draw a straight line from your hip bones down through your knee and to the foot. This should give thighs more space and take pressure off of your hips!

Structurally, the posture is still safe and you are doing plenty of work.

photo 2 Whenever a teacher says “toes and heels together,” simply bring them hip distance apart and balance your weight through both feet.

Notice how it feels for you.

Is the posture sustainable? Does it feels in balance? Does it feel good? If not, try something new, while keeping the joints safe.


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