Early bird extended for Mettā-Verse Loving Kindness workshop

The early bird pricing for the Mettā-Verse Loving Kindness 4-week workshop is extended through April 2.

Join now for $100.

The Mettā-Verse workshop is a 4-week mind-body exploration of releasing blockages to kindness and growing more capacity for kindness within us. We will create a safe circle of community for movement, truth-telling, prayer and meditation, and mistakes and exploration.

Here’s a look at the themes of the sessions:

Week 1: Awaken The Kindness Within  (kind to self in body, movement, breath and mind)

What is kindness? What does it feel like?  Kindness is about HOW. How we move. How we get there. How we say it. How we express what we mean.

Practices in this class are designed to awaken feeling kindness in the triad – body – breath – mind

Week 2: Notice the unkindness within

The road to kindness requires acceptance of the unkindness that I harbor, feed and enjoy. It is from there that I can transform unkindness from disagreement and resentment to understanding, acceptance and love. Loving kindness isn’t an arrival or destination, it’s a process, a living thing.

Week 3: Amends + Forgiveness, Kindness of Letting Go

Our hand can’t be open when it’s clenched in a fist. This session we will identify mistakes and hurts that are blocking our willingness to share loving kindness. The physical practice will center on surrender and softening, trusting and letting go. We will practice pausing and releasing together and in exercises throughout the week.

Week 4: Being Receptive and Inviting of Kindness

This final session will give us opportunities to being receptive for kindness to materialize. We will invite new experiences and ranges of kindness.  What is possible? We have barely experienced what levels of kindness exist in the world, from each other. Play.

Yoga pose practice will explore new feelings and movements. We will make ourselves available for possibility with kindness, not achievement, succeeding or performing.

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