Kindness is a living thing, Metta-Verse is an evolving program

Kindness is a living thing within us. It's not just an action. Not just our words. Not just in our thoughts and motivations. We are stewards of kindness and its potential.

Listen to this montage of voices on kindness. What is Mettā, loving kindness? When do we give it? How does it feel? Reflect on your relationship with kindness. Do you have room for more? Don’t hold back.

Kindness is a living thing within us.

It’s not just an action.

Not just our words.

Not just “being nice”.

We are stewards of kindness and its potential.

What is kindness: Sharing your energy to help someone,
Voices of kindness: Kindness vs Niceness, Leanne

What is the Mettā-Verse? I get asked. I ask myself.

It got born, no doubt, as a jab at Zuckerberg and his co-opting of Meta and the metaverse – a going beyond what we can imagine in 3D spaces, but with a manipulative and capitalistic motive, as a means of controlling beings and imposing norms, thoughts, beliefs.

Mettā is a Pali word which means “friendly, amicable, benevolent, affectionate, kind, good-will”, as well as a form of “love, amity, sympathy”.

Mettā practices and meditations are geared toward developing kindness toward all beings – no exceptions.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali we learn of Ahimsa as a principal way of living – non-violently, wishing no harm. And this requires compassion and loving kindness.

As I grow as a teacher, storyteller, practicing being, I realize this Mettā-Verse is also a living thing. A kindness that wishes to grow and thrive. It will have branches and offshoots. It is not anything I am creating.

I am learning. It is telling me.

As we begin, it is revealing itself

Through meditation, movement, reflection and lived experience.

Through your voices and lived experiences.

The Mettā-Verse is a program + a practice.

It’s participatory + partnered.

4-Week In-person Workshop Sept. 11-Oct 2, Sundays 10-noon

I see the Mettā-Verse as a world where we dare to lead from the heart with loving kindness.

It is a TOGETHER thing. A COMMUNITY (sangha) thing.

It’s not top-down. It’s not accredited or trademarked. It’s ours, drawn from within.

A RE-membering. The members REintegrate and REconnect.

It’s healing and transformative. We WILL change.

The Mettā-Verse is urging to be heard and written.

It is craving to be witnessed and nurtured.

I know kindness was atrophying in me for decades.

Withholding kindness: It’s complicated, Brian

I’ve hugged fear and worry and resentment for too long. It’s holding me back from speaking truths, from inviting love, from letting go of pain and regrets. I’ve held my insecurities and self-doubt so tightly I let a relentless critic live in my head.

This level of self-harm, self-neglect… self-unkindness must stop before I can imagine a kinder world around me. Being the change… requires change.

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

Mettā – loving kindness – unlocks a layer of our being.

It’s a body within our bodies. (Koshas)

We will move the layers of our physical body to let this kindness body emerge.

This kindness body requires trust and faith and courage in order for us to live in it fully, intentionally.

This is a WE + TOGETHER practice. It is driven by WE equity.

The sharing, not just sitting next to each other, makes it a program we create together. We all must share and be vulnerable. We’ve got to see we are not alone. We’ve got to see that others struggle too. We’ve got to SEE and bear witness and allow ourselves to practice the kindness in listening, non-judging, understanding. 

We get to bring a willingness to TRY to break a barrier of shame, fear, insecurity to let others witness our struggle, to let others help us and support us.

The WE equity lets us shape kindness together. Your voices and ideas and breakthroughs contribute to new exercises, reshape existing ones. They already have. Many of you generously stepped out of your comfort zone and shared your experiences with kindness and unkindness.

Voices of Kindness: Sarah

Together we…



Detoxify our kindness potential.

Together we

Dare to believe … kindness.

Yoga is yoking a triad: body-mind-spirit.

In Buddhism it’s called the three jewels: Buddha – dharma (wise teachings) – sangha (community).

I am opening myself to letting the Mettā-Verse reveal itself, to breathe, as a living program.

It is exciting to open up to you and create a WE program.

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