Solstice Yoga class + Sound Bath June 25

Special yoga class + sound bath June 25. Get your spot now!

You don’t want to miss this special 2-for-1 event!

Saturday, June 25th’s 10:30 a.m. yoga class with a sound bath chaser.

Join us to honor the solstice – a time of cycles and returns and ascending energy.

B will teach the morning yoga class, and as it winds down with savasana around 11:30 a.m. Kate Benson will take us on a sound bath journey with vibrational energy from crystal singing bowls, a pyramid and more.

Bring your intentions, your prayers, your gratitude lists. Let the waves of energy wash through you. Surrender to sensation and let your spirit be guided. (More about sound baths below)

Yoga class 60 mins; Sound bath 45 mins. Registration is for both. No admittance after 10:45 a.m.

Sign up for class HERE.

Suggested donation: $17 PAY NOW

Kate Benson, of the Grand Rapids Yoga Company, returns to Lansing to share energy and vibration in honor of the solstice.

From Kate Benson, MA, E-RYT: Sound vibrations stimulate the nervous system, medulla, and auditory system, allowing the brain, body, and breath to relax with a flood of mood-lifting neurotransmitters. 

Sound healing sessions employ the use of specific beats, frequencies, and tones to align with 7 Chakra (energy-centers) in order to release tension, stress, or blockages and to bring balance and harmony to the whole being in a state of rhythmic entrainment: our body and mind’s natural state of harmony and alignment.    

New to sound healing, sound-bowls & sound-baths? 

Great! It’s A simple, relaxing meditation session & studies found the most dramatic effect on mood among those new to the experience.    After time, participants learn to quiet their mind & focus on….not focusing-being in the moment!  Eventually, participants can find deeper effects in observation of their thought patterns, connection with subtle energy, conditioning inner-vibrations & energies and even connecting to the higher consciousness on a whole new level.   

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