Just B Yoga Teachers

Just B Yoga Teachers

Just B Yoga was created in 2010 starting as a  weekly free yoga class in the gymnasium of the Shabazz Academy, a Lansing charter school on Barnes and MLK.


We quickly outgrew the gym and moved to our current location at 106 Island Avenue. The studio has grown to offer inclusive and accessible classes for people of all sizes, shapes and identities. We are recognized for social justice, trauma-informed practices and working with youths. Our conscious commerce model makes our programs affordable and accessible to all.

Owner: Belinda Thurston

Teaches: Yoga (Empower, Basics, Chakra Flow, Yoga 2eXceL (yoga for curvy people), Trauma-informed Yoga)


Tai Chi

Workplace Yoga

Certified: Registered Yoga Teacher since 2009. Trained at Hilltop Yoga with Hilaire Lockwood. Special Needs Children Yoga, As You Are Yoga, 2013; Teen Yoga, As you Are Yoga, 2013; Yoga 12-Step Recovery, 2013; Curvy Yoga training, 2013. Doga, yoga with your dog, training, 2010. Trauma-informed Yoga, Hala Khouri, 2015; Yoga for Trauma Recovery, Lisa Danylchuk, 2017.

Tai Chi Championships: 4-time gold medalist in barehand and pushing hand international martial arts competitions (Chin Woo + U.C. Berkeley)

Community recognition: 2013 Lansing Tribute to Women Award; 2012 Michigan Hometown Health Hero award

Instructor: Julie Cotton

I found my yoga practice in 2009 after a second foot surgery. I had been a distance runner and then triathlon Julie Cottontrained for over half my life, and while I was outwardly fit, I knew that I had lost some of the pleasure and meditative qualities that first brought me to sports. Yoga captured my body and mind, and instead of a “recovery” pursuit, it became a core aspect of my life allowed me to find joy in movement again.

Yoga has also allowed me to find greater spiritual balance, and transformed times of pain and difficulty into personal growth and patience. Since finding my practice, I have weathered the loss of beloved family members, difficult work situations, and a life-changing chronic illness on my mat. I am deeply grateful for the personal awareness that my practice provides, and the safe spaces that allowed me to move through my grief, to process, and to breath new peace into my life and find joy though Sangha, community.

I received teacher training at Yoga State in East Lansing (2012), focusing on a free-flowing vinyasa practice. I constantly seek new perspectives and knowledge on yoga, and appreciate the opportunity to share my practice at Just B Yoga.

Teaches: Yoga Basics, Wednesday 10:30 a.m.

Instructor: Heather Kingsbury


Heather Kingsbury has been practicing yoga for 18 years and meditation for 3 years. In the fall of 2016 she completed a trauma sensitive, accessible and inclusive 200 hour training with Belinda Thurston at Just B Yoga in Lansing’s REO town. Heather takes a gentle, slow and consent-based approach to teaching that allows for the cultivation of breath and awareness within our bodies and our practice. She identifies as a queer, cis-gendered, white, fat, femme who strives to cultivate a little sanity and connection in an unreasonable world.

Teaches: Restorative Yoga, Tuesday 6 p.m.; LGBTQIA Yoga Flow, Tuesday, 7:30 p.m.


Instructor: Megan Maddox

I started doing yoga in 2014 and somewhat unexpectedly fell in love with the practice. A couple of my friends wanted to try something new so we all decided to go to a yoga class. I had heard of yoga before so I thought I knew what it was going to be like but I certainly didn’t expect it to have the transformative impact on my life that it’s had. Although I hadn’t fully realized it at that time, I had been searching for some inner peace and balance my entire life. I’m very fortunate to have the life I am blessed with but no one is perfect (including myself) and there have been dark times. Yoga helped me find light even in bad times. As a preteen up to my early twenties when I started my yoga practice, I struggled severely with my body image and self esteem. When I was 11 I developed an eating disorder which led to some very unhealthy behaviors that I battled with for a long time. Yoga has helped me learn to love and appreciate my body instead of being ashamed of it. My yoga practice has also helped me recover physically and emotionally from some injuries that I got in a car accident I was in when I was 17. Although the injuries impact the way I do some postures, it’s the practice that’s right for my own body. Each of us has an individual body with a unique story. I hope that sharing my practice at Just B Yoga will help others further develop their own unique practice/story and cultivate positive self image.

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