Is yoga making me more articulate?

I have imposed a moratorium on the word "Fuck" from my language. The first few days the F-ers still crept out as prefaces to random sentences. I relied on them for an emphasis, like an accent mark. It was like I had my keyboard on PERMANENT CAPS LOCK. After a while F-ing this and F-ing that wasn’t doing anything for the sentence, the issue I thought it was emphasizing and certainly not my image. It was a default setting and it’s become acceptable in every circle of my life so there were not boundaries – work, home, even the yoga studio!

Satyam bruyat priyam bruyat.  Speak what is truth, speak what is pleasant. (Vedic II-1)

Can yoga make me more articulate?

I’m starting to think it might. And maybe it’s not giving me the gift of articulation but it’s freeing me to access my more articulate side. And why wouldn’t I want that? After all, I’m in the word business as a journalist. (But newsrooms are cesspools of profanity)

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