Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese soft-styled martial art. It is played in a slow pace, building strength, balance and steadiness while calming the mind.

Cheng Man-ch'ing Short Yang Form

Belinda Thurston is a former competition internal martial artists with multiple international gold medals for form and pushing hands (a type of sparring). She plays a Wu, Chen and Yang tai chi form, but primarily teaches the Cheng Man-ch’ing short Yang form, which is more upright and best known for its health benefits. This form is excellent for senior citizens, those with joint pain and are heavier in weight. No equipment is needed to purchase. Just wear comfortable clothes and shoes.



Tuesdays, 5:30 p.m. EST (in-studio only)

Saturdays, 9 a.m. EST (Hybrid zoom + in-studio)

  • Learn and practice tai chi form and principles
  • Refine and hone your understanding and experience of chi (life force energy)
  • Receive a PDF instructional manual by Belinda Thurston
  • Meet and practice with others, creating a social community
TAI CHI TUTORIAL VIDEOS (password required) 
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Break down your practice and focus on key elements with short tutorial videos.
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  • Tan Tien practice
  • Horse Stance
  • Warding off
  • Tai Chi Walking
  • Empty Stepping
  • More

Private lessons

One-on-one instruction on Tai Chi or internal martial art form technique, principals of energy and Taoist philosophy. 

Work at your own pace. Custom scheduling, meeting once a week or several times a week.

Receive constructive feedback on your practice and suggested homework for continued growth.

Email info@justbyoga.com to discuss your practice if you are a new student.

BUY 4-PACK 1-HR PRIVATE SESSIONS (Sliding Scale: $80- $220)

BUY SINGLE 1-HR PRIVATE SESSION(Sliding Scale: $20-$60)

Qi Gong

Qi means life force energy. Gong is exercise. QiGong is often at the heart of health practices in traditional Chinese medicine. We must work this vital life force for strength, organ health, bone density, a balanced nervous system and tranquil mind. These exercises, all performed standing or seated in a chair, can be followed and don’t have to be memorized. Of course, memorizing can help you continue to practice wherever you are. No equipment is needed to purchase. Just wear comfortable clothes and shoes.



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