Trauma-Informed Yoga

Traumatic events and incidents can have a lifelong impact. The incident, whether natural disaster, assault, rape, traumatic/dramatic loss, can create behaviors and fears that are hard to control. When trauma survivors are triggered – reliving an experience in body or mind – we can feel panic or loss of control. Trauma can show up in subtle or extreme ways with addictive behaviors, compulsions, mood swings, depression, phobias and more. 

How Yoga Helps

Yoga is a practice that creates connection. Yoga’s practices of breath, mindfulness and meditation and movement and body postures are excellent tools to help us self-regulate and heal from trauma. The practices help us gain awareness of our reactions and cultivate a relationship with sensations and emotions. Through practice we learn and set safe boundaries in our bodies and minds, find forgiveness in the moment and open ourselves to new horizons of possibility.

Sessions generally include:

  • Centering and mindfulness practices that build present awareness of body, breath and mind
  • Actual body movement practice, using the noticing skills built above 
  • Actively making choices and voicing those choices based on safety, comfortability and willingness.
  • Observing and trusting the wisdom of felt experiences without analyzing
  • Distinguishing what we experience outside of us versus inside of us

Sessions end with suggestions for continued practice to do until the next session.

Trauma-Informed Yoga with Just B Yoga

Just B Yoga provides a custom program for survivors recovering from trauma (physical violence, sexual violence, natural disaster, war violence, traumatic event) or addiction.

We work with students of any age (youth ages 5-12, teens ages 13-18, and adults ages 18+).

Classes can be provided weekly, biweekly or more often.

Private sessions and group sessions are available.

Pricing (sliding scale)

Individual (up to $80 per hour)

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Individual sessions receive:

a video recording of session (if virtual), suggested assignments for in between sessions. Clients are encouraged to keep a journal and to share their progress and practice with any mental health professionals they are working with.

Groups ($120 – $180 per hour-long class)

5-8 students, $120 per class; 8-12 students, $180 per hour-long class (Minimum 8 weeks, 15 recommended) (rate set based on initial registration number)

⅓ of program costs due one week before program begins.

Email for group programming and scheduling.



Just B Yoga provides a consultation to learn the needs and circumstance of the prospective clients. The consultation takes an hour to two hours depending on the scope of the program and number of clients possible. Clients are given an overview of the trauma-informed yoga practice and what it involves. All clients and notes are confidential. Belinda Thurston is a mandated reporter. She will report any threat to her client’s wellbeing or of others she comes into knowledge of.

Program Development

Custom programming is developed for each person/organization. Programs vary in length and substance.


All client sessions and conversations are confidential. We are mandated reporters and will report harm/self-harm and abuse/neglect to appropriate authorities.

What They're Saying

Our partnership with Just B Yoga has had a tremendous impact on the treatment we have been able to offer to youth with a history of complex trauma. Trauma sensitive yoga allows for another—often more effective—way for these youth to develop a number of important skills. There is a strong emphasis on creating a safe space for learning and youth are encouraged to take ownership of their bodies and their experience within the group. They increase their body awareness as well as their ability to identify and regulate their emotional state. This has been a unique opportunity for our client’s to practice choice, control and self care. It carries through into all aspects of their mental health treatment. All of our client’s have reported a positive and moving experience. The respectful and intentional climate of Just B Yoga has enabled our clients to engage in something new to them, to take a chance and be vulnerable and to be supported and validated as a result. We are so encouraged by the value that trauma sensitive yoga has brought to our treatment. We will continue to work to integrate it into the services we offer here at Families Guidance.
Andrea Carlson
LMSW Supervisor, Family Guidance Services, FAMILIES FORWARD Community Mental Health Authority of Clinton, Eaton, Ingham Counties

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