Yoga is an ancient 8-branched system of self awareness and elevation that hails from India. As it is practiced in the United States today, it is primarily a physical exercise.

Just B Yoga strives to represent and teach all eight (8) branches of the tree of yoga: How we treat others, how we treat ourselves, how we treat and live in our bodies, our breath, our senses, our concentration, meditation and our bliss. 

We offer classes that range from using chairs, the wall, moving slowly or quickly in order to make the practice open to as many people and bodies as possible.

Video Classes

No passwords, logins, or codes required!

Join Just B Yoga from wherever you are via webcast video classes. We have Facebook and YouTube Livestream classes six (6) days a week and you can catch any of the classes on replay based on your schedule and availability.

Livestream/Replay Video Classes

Livestream/Replay video classes include: Yoga Basics, Home Yoga Practice, Chakra Yoga Flow and Empower Yoga

Private Yoga

We offer video private yoga sessions via Zoom. These private lessons include lesson plans, journaling and video recording for the student to use for home practice and review.


We offer Facebook and YouTube Livestream workshops. Follow or subscribe to learn what’s coming up!

Donate to Just B Yoga

Just B Yoga is a donation-based community yoga outreach. We practice “open source yoga” – giving freely and accepting what is given in return. We believe yoga should be affordable and accessible to all. Please consider supporting our mission.

Studio Classes

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the studio location has been closed for in-person classes, workshops and private instruction. In the meantime, you may book a virtual private session or view our video classes

The studio, located in the south Lansing neighborhood of REO Town, is a cozy, humble facility with a bike rack out back and huge community box garden.

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Note: All Trauma-Informed classes are conducted virtually or in an off-site outdoor location with more than six (6) feet of distance between clients and teacher for the foreseeable future.

Trauma-informed yoga can be a useful additional tool in the trauma survivor’s toolkit.  Yoga is a practice that creates connection. Yoga’s focus on cultivating awareness of breath, body and mind and our reaction to them can help with self regulation and healing from trauma and PTSD.

Belinda Thurston is trained and experience in trauma-informed work with children and teens, mental health professionals and corrections professionals. She specializes in:

  • Sexual trauma (including gender based/LGBTQ-based trauma)
  • Generational/Ancestral trauma (race, oppression)
  • Domestic violence

Class Etiquette

We welcome anyone and everyone to join our community. We treat each other and the space with respect and loving kindness.

Please honor each others’ practice and the sanctuary of the studio with the following observances:

  • Remove your shoes upon entering the studio.
  • Remove dangling and protrusive jewelry.
  • Perfumes/colognes. Please DO NOT wear perfumes or colognes in practice.
  • DO NOT chew gum during practice (this is for your safety as well as to respect others)
  • Turn all mobile devices OFF or on SILENT. (no vibrate mode)
  • Observe a noble silence upon entering  the studio (class may be getting started or ending).
  • Open and close doors gently and slowly to keep noise to a minimum.
  • Bring as little into the studio as possible (bags, books, etc) we have little to no storage space.
  • Place your mat down and roll it out. Do not drop it down.
  • If you must leave class early or arrive late please honor the practice of the group by being as silent as possible.

What to wear/bring for yoga class

  • Comfortable and stretchy pants and tops. Women, sports bras are recommended.
  • No shoes. Socks are not recommended but we leave that to your discretion
  • Bring a towel for sweat.
  • Bring water.

What to wear/bring for tai chi class

  • Wear soft-soled indoor shoes (or wipe down the soles of outside dirt and grit)
  • Wear loose-fitting pants and tops.

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