Frequently Asked Questions

All of our classes are offered asking no fixed amount of money in return. Give us what you can afford or what’s in your heart. Offering our services on a donation basis allows for a conscious system of commerce, not a capitalist one.

Through this system each student is allowed to give something in return for access to the service but no barrier to practice.

We recognize that can be hard. You don’t want to feel like you’ve given too little and feel like you are taking more than you’re giving. And you want to also take the offer to heart and not give too much. So we do offer a suggested donation of $10 per class. That is less than most yoga studios charge per class, keeping our mission of making yoga accessible and affordable true.

We accept cash, check or charge. You can pay when you come to class or online. You can pay online via credit card, but online purchases cannot be for zero donation.  All of our classes are drop-in and do not require a reservation. Online reservations give us an idea of how many people are coming and it simply guarantees your spot in class, especially for popular classes.

No. Just B Yoga is a limited liability company (LLC). We participate in and support community events and causes. We practice sustainable green, commuting and economic practices.  Because we accept whatever amount of donation you wish to give for classes, many believe we are non-profit.

We provide mats, blocks and straps props so you don’t need to buy anything special to come to your first class. If you develop a practice we encourage you to eventually get your own mat. You can use our mats for free. We don’t rent them out.


Wear comfortable clothing. If you have breasts we recommend a sports bra, and maybe two! We don’t recommend practicing yoga “commando” – without underpants. You can do that at home.

Try not to eat at least an hour before class. Bring your water bottle if you like. We do have a water fountain with cups as well.

YES! Repeat. YES! We welcome a whole-family experience, not segregating sexes or ages. Children may attend with their parents alongside them with their own mats if they can practice with respectful silence. They can also bring books or music to listen to with headphones. We do not provide childcare service so you are responsible for your child at all times. But please, bring them, even if they don’t finish an entire class. They are welcome to participate and heck…teach us a thing or two!

Online registration for class is purely for your convenience (saves time) and it allows us to see ahead how many students are planning to come. But all classes are drop-in, so feel free to show up whenever you catch the mood to practice with us.

We accept cash, check or cards.

If you do want to sign up online, go to the schedule here and pick and class and sign up.

While we are donation-based it doesn’t mean discount in quality. We have highly qualified and experienced teachers sharing practice and community with our students. Their time and expertise should be honored. When we offer workshops and intensive classes these are special offerings that require training and preparation. We offer these special events at affordable rates and want to compensate our teachers and provide a diversified revenue stream into the studio.

We offer opportunities for recurring contributions to help us ensure we can pay the overhead and continue to offer classes without regard to students’ ability to pay.

We are located inside the new Advancement Corporation Community Center (AC3) (former Otto Middle School) on the north side of Lansing.

500 E. Thomas Street, Room 150.

Our parking lot is on the south east side of the former Otto Middle School off of Larch Street directly across from the McDonalds.

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Just B Yoga is a donation-based community yoga outreach. We practice “open source yoga” – giving freely and accepting what is given in return. We believe yoga should be affordable and accessible to all. Please consider supporting our mission.

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