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Belinda of Just B Yoga talks with Constance Haywood about a recent experience with bullying and name-calling while keeping social distance. Finding kindness in the COVID pandemic isn’t always easy but offers opportunities for growth.

There is a divide in coronavirus social distancing and I wanted to speak to people who are on the front lines of this divide. Who are we not helping? What help is needed to keep people safe, help people feel connected and loved and valued?

This is yoga. Uniting. Connecting. Bonding and binding together.

Just Being podcast check-in with Amy Henderson.

Amy has been a student at Just B Yoga for more than a year. She is a double knee-replacement recipient. She is vibrant. She is sassy.

She checks in on how she’s doing amidst the Covid-19 crisis and how she’s using her yoga practice as a tool to keep her balanced.

Peaceful meditative yoga session. Focus on security, worthiness and love.

An invigorating and spiritually enhancing yoga flow with Belinda of Just B Yoga.
Just B Yoga, Lansing, Michigan. Donation-based. Affordable and accessible always.

Guided Healing Visualization Meditation. Just B Yoga, Lansing, Michigan. Donation-based. Accessible and affordable always.

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