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Michigan’s only donation-based full-time yoga studio since 2010. The foundation of our practice is inclusivity, accessibility, sustainability and social justice.



Just B Yoga is a donation-only yoga studio.

The light in you is the same as the light in us. We are one.


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The workshop provided by Just B Yoga was extremely beneficial. We had hourly (worker) participants that commented on how great they felt when it was over. I would highly recommend this to provide stretches for people to do at their workstation to avoid ergonomic injuries. We were very pleased with our experience.

Lindia Cook of Pratt & Whitney AutoAir, Inc.

Thank you so much for the fantastic training. I learned a ton about myself beyond what I'm physically capable of. The Just B Yoga Teacher Training revealed deeper patterns in my life, giving me spiritual insight. 10/10 glitter stars - I recommend this training to friends and family all the time!

Katie Livingston

I love that your program is based around being inclusive. I want all people to be comfortable sharing their practice. Consent and being aware that maybe there are trauma issues and you just don't touch people!!! I love how you stressed the importance of consent. I used to be touchy felt in my social life and I realize it's not for everyone.

Portia VanPelt

The Just B Yoga teacher training program was a life changing experience. I have grown tremendously in both my asana practice and spiritually, along with developing great relationships with my fellow trainees. The program reiterated for me that yoga is much more than a physical practice, it's a way of life.

Marissa Luna

Belinda and her space without question have been a life saving force for me. I found B and her practices when I was struggling with goals/happiness/and body acceptance. B and her gentle yet fiery presence provided a safe place for me to practice self acceptance. When I think about yoga I think of none other than B.

Courtney Stocker

A pastor that I saw preach a couple weeks ago made a joke about needing a church community because 'your yoga teacher isn't going to bring you a casserole when you are sick.' And my first instinctive thought was, 'you don't know my yoga teachers.' And that made me smile. Because Just B is a community of people that will not hesitate to love, support, show up, and be a part of each other’s lives.

Caroline Jacobs

I LOVE this studio! The focus of community, the sense of connection, the presence and accessibility of the instructors - this studio has quickly become like home to me. Thanks for the amazing space and beautiful practice B!

Elige Stewart

I just wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed having Just B Yoga at LAFCU! We are all having fun, stretching, balancing, and of course, breathing!! Some of us are new at yoga, others have done it for years, but we are all coming together to learn to be stronger (on the inside and the outside)! It is SO relaxing, something that we all need with our hectic jobs and lives.

Dorothy Schelter, LAFCU

Community Awards

Celebrate Michigan’s Hometown Health Heroes

Celebrate Michigan’s Hometown Health Heroes

Just B Yoga was awarded a Michigan Hometown Health Hero award this morning. It wasn’t about us though. Belinda, Monica Pino, Tara Scott, Kim Lewis, Emily White and Tiffany Lemieux McKissic got to spend the morning at the Capitol Rotunda with some amazing heroes of Michigan. These are people and […]
Award brings Just B Yoga journey into focus

Award brings Just B Yoga journey into focus

I was honored to share receiving the Tribute to Women Award last night with Judi Brown Clarke. It was the first time the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing had given the award to two of the honorees. To stand alongside her, our journeys side by side, is awe-inspiring. From her […]
Take Back the Night Yoga: From Victim to Survivor to Warrior

Take Back the Night Yoga: From Victim to Survivor to Warrior

About a year ago I was upset with a friend and not understanding why. She hadn’t done anything offensive or mean. She was extremely nice, often giving me gifts and being helpful. I had asked to stop, but to no avail. I was actually starting to feel bad that I […]