Practice note:  Welcome mistakes in yoga playfully

Practice note: Welcome mistakes in yoga playfully

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If you approach your yoga or meditation practice – any conscious-elevating experience – with a result-oriented mind-set you’ve already missed the point.   Make a mistake. I want students to feel that stumble in one-legged poses. I encourage folkx to allow that trembly, shaking feeling when their core is exerting […]

Mindfulness tip? Start where you are

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“How do I turn my brain off?” This is a frequent question. “Will yoga teach me to turn off my mind?” The pace and pressure of modern American life is squeezing people into a corner where there’s nowhere to hide from the mind chatter. And most of the solace we […]

Love the hater, forgive the hate

Love the hater, forgive the hate

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Recently, while at a protest against the separation of children from their parents at the southern border, I found myself surrounded by friends. It seemed every few moments someone came up to give me an embrace. I was touched at how many people I know from different walks of life, […]

Yoga is all in my head

Yoga is all in my head

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Most of my yoga practice is all in my head lately.   It starts off like this: I roll out my mat in my meditation room and feel the hips in a lunge, maybe a pigeon first off. My back has an argument with me. My left sacrum argues with […]

Vandalism, Yoga and Forgiveness

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Our new bike rack with the custom-welded logo was vandalized yesterday. A student told a Just B teacher that they saw some “kids” ripping the letters off. Intentional meanness. Blatant and open daytime vandals. I could go on and on about feeling violated and perplexed at such a display of […]



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