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Home Yoga Practice: Prana/Breath

Prana can be loosely defined as “life force energy” or the source of our consciousness, the source of our life force. It is also referred to as breath. Breath exercises are called pranayama. This is often a focus or theme of my practice. I call it a “root” theme because if I’m not in a


Week 3: Practice your plan, Plan your Practice – Effort

Our yoga practice is a great canvas for us to explore and learn about effort. Poses show us when we are straining or giving up. Breath reveals the quality of our ease. Our mind can be the birth place of our effort and where we cultivate sustainable effort, aka focus.

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Did Ganesh steal my keys to teach me a lesson?

I can misplace my keys now and again. It usually amounts to a few minutes of rummaging or dumping of the purse, shuffling about papers on a desk or feeling in the crevices of a chair. Monday night my search turned into a hunt and eventually an admission that they just were gone. Ganesha is

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Aura imaging: See the colors of your energy (or your dog’s)

Donna Aiken, of the Aura Center, will be at Just B Yoga Sept. 7 and 8 offering aura imaging reports. She will also be doing a special session Sept. 7 at Annabelle’s Pet Station offering reports for your dog! Aura imaging captures your chakra energy colors in a photo. The report that Donna supplies analyzes

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Inside Look: Singing Bowl Chakra alignment workshops (w/video)

I’ve had a lot of interesting questions about our singing bowl chakra alignment workshops. How much yoga do you do? What do the bowls do to you? Can you feel your chakras? Is it hard? This March, Gale and I embarked on a journey to share  yoga and singing bowls and our understanding of energy

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Chakra workshop gets inner wheels spinning

I’ve felt stuck in the mud, drenched in tears and serene as though floating on calm peaceful waters. That’s all in the last month and a half. No, there haven’t really been any huge life-changing, emotionally charged events. I’ve been traveling through my chakras. I am co-leading a monthly series of workshops at Just B

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