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Photos: Yoga at Green Eagle Farm by Brigid Ashley-Grose

Brigid is a talented teenage photographer. She is also the daughter of Steve and Angela Ashley, owners of Green Eagle Farm. Here are some photos she took during our 108 Sun Salutations at their farm last weekend. Her eye on the world is unfiltered and imaginative. Enjoy!

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Seeing through the lens with new eyes

We were all new beings once. And while our practices of yoga, meditation and tai chi teach us to find a beginner’s mind, we are only truly new once. We only see something for the first time once. I love the wonder, amazement and mesmerized look you can see on the face of child when

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And the winner is!! Good Sign

The votes are in! The final photo for our next set of yoga photo note cards is “Good Sign.” The online voting generated $25 for the Free Being Yoga Network. Overall voting for the images brought in $95 for our nonprofit. Thank you for participating and your generosity. The whole show Lansing Loves Yoga: Beauty

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Lansing Loves Yoga photo project goes to the City Market

Did you miss the art show at the studio this Saturday? You will get to see it for the next month at the Lansing City Market! Lansing Loves Yoga: Beauty in the Breakdown will have a booth at the market starting next Thursday, Nov. 21 for at least a month. The art will be on

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Vote for your favorite Lansing Loves Yoga photo

Did you miss Saturday’s yoga photo project? Lansing Loves Yoga: Beauty in the Breakdown was a great success! Thanks to everyone who came to see the show and enjoy the reception. Go to our ONLINE STORE to purchase copies of note cards. Participants voted with donations for their favorite images. The most popular will be

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Lansing loves yoga and we love Lansing

It started as a coffee-shop idea to take pictures of yoga poses around town. Then the locations started to matter. We didn’t want to emulate yoga magazine shots. Nothing pristine or opulent. So we started looking around and choosing the “everyday” location. Places you walk or drive by daily without necessarily seeing them as beautiful.

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Yoga Photo Art from REO Town Art Attack

Nothing like doing yoga in the hood! Thanks to REO Town Art Attack for letting us have so much fun and share what we do with the community at the festival, Sept. 7. We love being a part of this up-and-coming neighborhood. There is tenacity, creativity and a freedom of spirit in our little “hood.”

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When life becomes a circus, do yoga!

Ran into Derrick Perkins at the Reach Studio Art Center circus Saturday for Be a Tourist in Your Own Town. He was juggling and walking on stilts. So when life becomes a circus, why not do yoga?

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Just B Yoga garden art

Yoga and gardening and art? That’s community building for sure! Weekends like this past one force me to reflect on our little community and how much we’ve grown. So many of our family and friends came to help paint our garden mural it was humbling. From very little seeds big things can grow. Just B

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Update: Ed’s Whale can take Flight

We did it! YOU did it! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Ed’s Whale Kickstarter campaign. I’m deeply in awe of you and humbled by your generosity.

Lansing youth yoga art project

Before I get into the amazing presentations of the Yoga Service Conference, I want to share a different kind of yoga service project. This is a project Reach Studio Art youths did in service of yoga and community through art at Just B Yoga. We are about building community and serving community. The art these

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Art students reach the heart of Just B Yoga

Young people can and do have lots to offer our community. We just need to listen with fresh ears, invite without conditions and see through their fresh eyes. Check out this amazing art from Reach Studio Art Center students for Just B Yoga. They are working a special project to create some panels for the

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