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Yoga call to action: Help save Jack the cat

Meet Jack the cat. Jack had to be taken to the MSU Vet clinic last night because he was very sick. Turns out he had an obstruction in his urethra.  The surgery and overnight stay are going to be about $1,000. Meet Aaron. He’s Jack’s human who saved him from the Capital Area Humane Society

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An apple per day..

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Just B Yoga partners with Healthy Start program

Just B Yoga is partnering with the Healthy Start program through the Ingham County Health Department to provide yoga to help encourage healthy lifestyles and fitness. Healthy Start is a national grant program to improve the health of the community focusing on expectant mothers and those with children under the age of 2. There are

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Hug a tree to just be

I am a natural-born tree hugger. And go figure! Hugging trees is good! A friend recently posted this article on Facebook. When I saw it in my newsfeed I took in a gasp. After reading it I exhaled. I almost cried too. You see, as a very young child I used to hug a tree

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Who’s to blame for yoga injuries?

Does yoga cause injuries? That’s the question. There have been some articles lately with gurus and teachers confessing the error of their ways of teaching and practicing, begging forgiveness for injuries and throwing yoga under the bus saying it’s actually harmful to our health rather than restorative, healing and good. “How Yoga can Wreck your

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Playing with Linda and archery and tai chi

If anyone was going by the studio window around 9 a.m. this morning they probably did a double-take. Tai Chi student Linda Triemer brought in her archery bow for a show-and-tell moment. I am in love with her spirit AND her toys! Linda began archery this past winter and has quickly fallen in love with

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LGBTQ Yoga Flow newest class at Just B Yoga

Just B Yoga is adding LGBTQ Yoga Flow to the regular class schedule. LGBTQ Yoga Flow Express your true self in this yoga class. This LGBTQ-friendly class is for those who identify or ally with the LGBTQ community. Yoga means to connect or find a union. Join our community in a protected space where you

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Just B Yoga finds family at Yoga 4 Peace

Yesterday proved some of the best things happen when there isn’t a plan. Feeling a little cabin fever, I woke up with a yearning to explore a new yoga experience, new yoga studio space, new yoga people. I pined for connection (or just to get out of the house). I wound up in Southgate. I

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What are you addicted to? How can yoga help?

What are you addicted to? This is something I’ve been asking myself lately. Cigarettes? I smoked for more than 12 years but I haven’t now, for 12 years. Work? That might be a likely candidate. Doing. Being busy. Hmmm. Alcohol? I can go a day, a week, a month without a drink. Never have tried

What’s in a name? What to call yoga for bigger bodies

So, this is an update to the original post. After a lot of conversation and consideration I have changed the name of the class to Yoga 2eXceL. The name was becoming too distracting and I think we still get our point across that yoga isn’t about size or body image. It’s about exploring and expressing

Just B Yoga anniversary contest: Bring a friend to win

This month Just B Yoga is 2 years old! Thank YOU Lansing for helping us make this very special milestone. We know we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Each student who comes. Each student who likes us on Facebook. So all month we will have a special contest. Bring a friend to

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