How to be black and healthy?

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The moderator called us a “dynamic duo.” I kind of smiled inside. Certainly my brother and I had illusions of animated cartoon grandeur when we were growing up; we were going to “take over the world!” But to be introduced that way in our first on-stage event of our lives […]

Baratunde Most Eligible Just Being

Baratunde Most Eligible Just Being

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Baratunde Thurston made the list of New York’s 100 Most Eligible bachelors.   That’s great. He’s hot. And the photo in the slideshow is hot. But here’s how hot he is Just Being. 😉 Thanks Baratunde, for wearing the shirt! (He’s my brother by the way)

Check out my brother Baratunde on Thing X

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His name is Baratunde and he’s my brother and he’s awesome. He wrote the book on “How to Be Black.” Now he’s talking about things! Or is he thinking? Either way,  he’s out of control!

“Just B”eing Black, Day 3 – Funkadelic Friday

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Black people like music. We like to sing it, play it, dance to it. (We invented it actually) A key to authenticating your blackness has a lot of musical influence: In the chapter on How to be a black friend in “How to Be Black:” “Ideally, you will be fairly […]

29 Days of “Just B”eing Black: How black are you?

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Day 2: The Just B blog will count down through Black History Month moments and elements of Just “B”eing, tying in elements from “How to Be Black”, Yoga and life. I hope this month is about discovering something new about ourselves in our community that we didn’t know before, that […]

On birthdays, being black, and brothers

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Every sister wants a book to be published nationally by her brother the day before her birthday with her year of birth in it, right? Yes, Baratunde outed my age in his book, “How to Be Black.” Nice. I’ll remember that. Payback’s a … Yep, I’m 44 years old today. […]



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