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Recovery Yoga

Belonging and recovery

Belong (intransitive verb) 1 a : to be suitable, appropriate, or advantageous b : to be in a proper situation 2 a : to be attached or bound by birth, allegiance, or dependency  3 : to be an attribute, part, adjunct, or function of a person or thing Belonging. It’s an integral part of our wellbeing. Our sense of

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Youth Yoga JAM on the Southside of Lansing

Yoga with young people can be freeing and wondrous. When allowed to set their own guidelines they tend to choose kindness over cruelty, and joy over judgment. Anything become possible, even headstands!


Eccentric Enlightened Bodhisattva

This past weekend we had a lovely gathering of friends and family at the studio celebrating the life of John Bolan and the community he helped grow. There were gifted visual artists and artisans. There was divine music by Konstantin Polyakov. There was fresh produce and plant starts by local farmers. Most importantly there were


Help Just B Yoga better serve you

Dear friends, This month Just B Yoga is celebrating seven years of providing donation-based classes and workshops in the Lansing area. We’ve been honored to be recognized as the top yoga studio in Lansing for several years and this year as a top studio in the state of Michigan! But that doesn’t mean we can’t

Please donate to a Just B Yoga student after a house fire

Our friend and fellow yoga student, Julie Cotton-Fire Reed, lost her home in a fire yesterday. It’s all gone. Apparently she smelled the smoke overnight before the alarms went off and was able to get her family and even the cats out before it all burned down. We are relieved to know they are safe

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Video: What is Just B Yoga?

This summer, we will be giving a presentation on extending yoga beyond our studio walls and how yoga can become an integrated part of community. It’s truly the story of Just B Yoga. This video will be a part of that presentation. We are Just B Yoga. Donation-based, community-driven Our yoga stretches beyond heels and

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Top 5 Just B Yoga videos

Scrolling through our You Tube accounts I started looking up the videos with the greatest views. None of them are about how to do a yoga pose or how to sculpt your body. These videos spotlight community and transformation.  Thank you to everyone who’s a part of the Just B Yoga journey. It’s our collective

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Lansing yoga studio community garden welcomes guests

About 20 bicyclists visited the Just B Yoga community garden  Thursday as part of the Greater Lansing Food Bank Garden Project Garden Tour. Garden coordinators Julie Cotton and Emily Reardon helped greet the guests, along with Emily White the City Sprouts kids garden yoga program instructor and two Sprouts, Luke and Bohdi. The garden is

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Independence Day, Freedom and Yoga

How free are you on your mat? Is yoga freely available in your community? Do you have an independent, home practice? How does your yoga practice help you free your body, mind and spirit? And most importantly how does your yoga practice help create freedom and independence in your community for positive transformation? I encourage

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A new look for Just B Yoga

This month we are celebrating a year of being a full-time yoga studio and with that comes a new look. We have a new logo created by Kimberly Lavon. It’s a fresh new take on Just B Yoga that hopefully reflects our spirit and our vibe. We are gritty. We are urban. We are bold.

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Derek Jones: Three weeks into yoga teacher training

Derek Jones is in yoga teacher training and trying to raise money for the tuition. He lost his home to a fire just a few weeks before the training began. He is raising money via Indiegogo. Training has already been transformative, according to his Facebook  posts: Things I learned in Yoga Teacher Training. <Week Two,

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Yoga studio sprouts kids garden yoga program

The Just B Yoga kids garden program got underway this Saturday. City Sprouts runs at the same time as Empower Yoga, encouraging parents to do yoga while kids learn about gardening and fresh produce and yoga. Emily White, a Just B Yoga instructor, is teaching City Sprouts. She also has some help from our garden

Donate to Just B Yoga

Our studio exists because of donations and support from the community. We believe yoga should be affordable and accessible to all. Please consider supporting our mission:

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