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Body positivity and yoga often gets ugly before it gets pretty

When I got a report that one of my teen yoga students had started an extreme starvation diet because she hated her body I knew it was time to jump into the deep end of the pool of body positivity with this group.   I pulled out some Jessamyn Stanley videos. This beautiful, curvy woman

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The Women We Are photo book, Just B Yoga special

I can remember the folds of my mother’s skin as I bathed her before she died. I felt like I could feel the passage of time and love and birth and life in the texture of the skin. I could feel what she gave, shared, exuded over that span. I could remember the younger robust

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What’s “the face” of loving yourself?

Our very own Emily Dryzga is a finalist in a local contest “The Face.” It’s a casting call for a lingerie photo shoot for Curvaceous Lingerie, a shop in Old Town for all body sizes. They were asked to share one piece of advice to women about learning to love themselves. All of their answers

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Body-image, beauty & bravery: A Just B Yoga photo shoot

For many of us being in front of a camera  – much less doing yoga! – conjures feelings of dread and even disdain. We don’t feel the camera flatters us. We are afraid to see our bodies. We are afraid of judgment. Last weekend several Just B Yoga students took a brave leap to be

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Why I teach yoga to heavy people

I am five foot tall and about 125 pounds and I teach yoga to heavy and round people. I see myself as a heavy and round person. I don’t know if I ever won’t.      Positive body image and balance are a daily practice. When I step up to Warrrior 1 on my yoga mat, I

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Finding yoga to excel, no ifs, ands or buts

A student recently asked me how she could get her arms into Eagle. I started by looking at her try to approach it. Her elbows barely cross one another and her forearms are nowhere near touching. I then focused on the back of her shoulders and told her she was very tight back there. She

What’s in a name? What to call yoga for bigger bodies

So, this is an update to the original post. After a lot of conversation and consideration I have changed the name of the class to Yoga 2eXceL. The name was becoming too distracting and I think we still get our point across that yoga isn’t about size or body image. It’s about exploring and expressing

What is a yoga body?

Yoga is definitely good at bringing out body-image issues. There’s nothing like a magazine cover photo of someone with their body folded in half or twisted in an apparent knot to make us turn our gazes away from our own bodies. I can’t wear that. I can’t put my foot there. My belly will be

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