Just B Yoga garden art

Yoga and gardening and art? That’s community building for sure!

Weekends like this past one force me to reflect on our little community and how much we’ve grown.

So many of our family and friends came to help paint our garden mural it was humbling. From very little seeds big things can grow. Just B Yoga’s existence is proof of that.

Look at the vibrant colors and all the happy and youthful energy that is now a part of our studio and our garden!

The garden is also an extension of our practice that is starting to bloom. From our beginnings last year with tomatoes and peppers and kale, we are exploring more things to plant and to incorporate a kids program with it. The City Sprouts garden yoga class starts next Saturday at 11 a.m. (sign up now!)

We have so many Just B Yoga kids, it’s time we create programs for them (rather than just showing up for potlucks or to read!)


Thank you to Connie Varma for designing the mural and putting so much time and energy into making it happen.

We know we don’t want to judge a book by its cover but it’s nice to see us transform our environment into something beautiful and positive, reflecting our practice and how we feel about each other.



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