Inside Look: Singing Bowl Chakra alignment workshops (w/video)

I’ve had a lot of interesting questions about our singing bowl chakra alignment workshops.

How much yoga do you do?

Gale Amon playing the chakra 5 singing bowl at an alignment workshop at Just B Yoga.

What do the bowls do to you?

Can you feel your chakras?

Is it hard?

This March, Gale and I embarked on a journey to share  yoga and singing bowls and our understanding of energy to help participants get in touch with their chakras, identify imbalances and bring an element of chakra balance practice into their daily lives.

We have taken our class outdoors and used divining rods to see energy work. We’ve used water. We’ve taken our class outdoors for a sky meditation. In September we are inviting someone who does aura imaging reports so we can see our chakras in a color spectrum.

We start each session with a grounding ceremony and we circle up and share any thoughts or reflections left over from the past session.

We invite a breath practice for that chakra and have been integrating exercises from each prior chakra before introducing the new chakra lesson.

The poses for each class have ranged in difficulty. I always offer a variety of yoga poses so something is accessible for everyone. So some folks might be offered legs up the wall (viparita kirani) and others full shoulder stand. Some might be offered a bridge pose or supported bridge over a bolster.

As to what the bowls do and how you feel, that’s your journey. The bowl emit a powerful vibration. Depending on you and your energy that day, the bowls could give you a sense of calm or make you on edge.

We’ve had vigorous breathing exercises and easy-going breath exercises.

The greatest impact may be some of the meditations and reflections.

“Do I often fail to keep promises? How can I improve this?”

“Am I prone to gossiping? If so, why do I do this?”

“Do I look to others to fulfill my emotional needs?”

“Am I ruled by doubt and fear? How can I transform this into positive energy?”

“Am I greedy for sensation or experience? how can I enjoy life better without becoming addicted to its pleasures?”

“Am I successful at maintaining healthy, lasting relationships? If not, why not?”


The sessions have proven to pull us together as a community. Our group of about 20 people have been gathering since March once a month to invite healing and honesty about our tendencies and habits.

This Sunday we approach our 6th chakra, Ajna, our space of insight and intuition. Our third eye.

Can’t wait to see what is revealed.

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