108 Sun Salutations prep: The physical body, the physical practice

Tuesday we will honor the Summer Solstice with a practice of 108 Sun Salutations (Surya Namasakaras)

108 is a big number. It’s that number that makes lots of folks cringe.

We’ve discussed preparing our spirit for this journey (108 Sun Salutations prep: Spirit, Journey and Journals).

But we cannot ignore the physical side and the impact on our bodies. Thereis a reality…in most of the power classes I teach you might go through a maximum of 15-20 full sun salutations.

Doing 108 of them is a strenuous practice.

So….here’s a look at how we’ll approach the actual performance of the practice and some tips to keeping your bodies safe.

The performance of the practice

First. Our habits:

Get your head out of the game. Many of us “float” forward to the top of our mats and “float” back. This is a huge exertion of energy. I will not be recommending that anyone float through this practice. Even if you start strong it’s unlikely to be wise to sustain through the entire practice.

Chaturanga. There’s a lot of them. I’ll be coaching how to come through without the chaturanga….step back and go straight to downdog.

Warrior 1. I’ll be suggesting to come to one knee as a modification that will be less strenuous and might make the repetitions more accessible.

Do not focus on 108

Who cares if you do them all? It’s about your intention and creating a union between your body and mind and soul.

Breathe! The breath will sustain the room. It will be rhythmical engine that will propel each of your fellow participants through.

Honor your practice by practicing compassion and loving kindness. It won’t do you any good to hurt yourself and go beyond your edge.

Preparation and safety:

Start hydrating now. Drink water. Drink water. Drink water. Don’t start drinking Tuesday afternoon. Start now.

Rest. Get good sleep before the practice.

Take child’s pose whenever you want to. Sit in meditation for rest and mindfull reflection.

Afterward…soak, get a massage, rest the body (take a few days off practice if you need to)


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