Just B Yoga bicycle parking now available

The new Just B Yoga bike rack is here!

Many thanks to Gabe Purdy for his hard work, creativity and get-it-doneness!

This rack means a lot to me personally. I spent nearly two years car-free, having gotten rid of my Isuzu Trooper (the only car I’d ever owned was this make and model of SUV) and moved onto my Jamis Commuter 2 and the CATA bus.

I believe in carbon-zero. I believe in sustainability and green transportation.

Circumstances changed in my life – all this yoga teaching and carrying yoga mats here and there. I got a Toyota Yaris…not a hybrid but extremely fuel efficient.

But I still love all my cycling friends. Just B Yoga has grown a healthy community of cycling yogis and tai chi players too! Some live solely on their bikes, others use them as much as they can. I support cycling as recreation and transportation.

So we now have abundant parking for our cyclists!

Now, the story behind the rack is fun too.

Gabe, our yoga brother, found an old broken rusty rack in the weeds. He scouted it a few times and finally got his pickup and hauled it out. He repaired it. He reinforced it. And then he accessorized it! He used old bike chains and welded them into the Just B Yoga logo.

How creative!

Our new bike rack represents so much of our mission. Reuse. Recycling. Supporting smart transportation. Creativity and community.

Thanks to all our cyclists. Thanks Gabe.



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