A day of birth, a day of growth


Go Shorty, it’s your birthday!

Belinda’s 4th birthday party with her Ma and her cake!Belinda at her 4th birthday party with a jumper crocheted by her Ma.Happy day of birth to me.

Birthdays are celebrations of life, the life giver and the person born.

So, to my Ma I say I miss you terribly. I thank you infinitely. Thank you for life, your lessons of wisdom and your unconditional love.

From my Ma, 1988:

“Work with what you do know – Appreciate that.

Work on what you need to know – Study that.

What you don’t know? And can’t change? – Well that’s more vast than the sands of the Sahara – Accept that.

All of these relate to growing and growing is continuous.



Hug ’em if you got ’em ya’ll.


BBaratunde and Arnita Thurston Thanksgiving 2004. This photo has been at my desk since the day they sent it to me.

(thanks to Baratunde for finding these old pix for me. Awesome birthday gift from my brother)

Brothers make sisters cry, right? Well, mine has done it twice in one day, and so sweetly.

He found a picture that he posted on Facebook this morning that I hadn’t even remembered.

Us on the oceanside, kickin’. Trying to look cool. Hard. Urban. Breezy.

This afternoon my Twitter mentions have been going out of control. Why? @TundeNami

Here’s his post on Baratunde’s Internet Scratch Pad. I am forever grateful that my brother came into my life.

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