A good look at myself on the brink of 42

It would be nice if I could put in requests for where a new gray hair or wrinkle is being placed. Or if I could set up a reminder note like in my Outlook calendar when a pain from 25 years ago was going to come to visit – say 3 days in advance? Hell, I’d take a 1 hour notice.

I’m always getting disbelief when I tell folks I’m over 40. I’m kinda used to it by now. And frankly, I don’t feel old. This age thing and number thing is so not important in my life.

But, nature tells a different story. And age is writing some new chapters on my body.

Hair. It’s graying and growing where it shouldn’t. I’d like to say I’m OK with the au natural me but I have started a hair maintenance program: Tweezers.

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