A whiskey shot drinking contest for breast cancer?

Let’s cure breast cancer with an event that encourages drinking shots of whiskey? Apparently Lansing has voted and breasts outrank livers in the bodypart poll. We must be making the choice to support this event based on our eyes finding breasts more visually appealing than livers.

5:30 p.m. April 15 UPDATE

The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitor’s Bureau took their link down to this event and removed it from their calendar after my friend Anna called them on it. (see comments)


(Pardon this brief break from posts about yoga to make this important announcement)

Are you F-ing kidding me? I know I vowed off the F word but this might warrant a couple of bombs.

How much sense does this make? Claddagh Irish Pub in Lansing is sponsoring “A shot for breast cancer” this Sunday.  How asinine is it to have a benefit for breast cancer by trying to break the world record for “the most consecutive shots” drank in one night of Jameson Whiskey? Whether it’s the most consecutive  shots drank by a group or a contest counting the total number of shots people can repeatedly knock back doesn’t matter to me. I’m revolted by the whole concept.

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