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Here's some Just B bits to chew on today. Mantras. A Lansing woman cycling 3,100-miles across the country. Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration in Battle Creek. Gardening. And more.

Happy Friday Just B readers. Thank you for joining me every now and then. Here’s some Just B bits to chew on today.

Mantra du jour = Moderation

If you’re like me, maximizing the tasks in a day can be exhausting and non-dharmic/yogic. The pace is electric.

Yoga spirit by Leah Potter Weight A student of mine made this for our studio as a thank you and goodbye gift. It glows in the dark. We love you Leah!

Non-human. The thing is my head hurts, my eyes blur and after a whirlwind of “efficiency” gearing down to the peace and calm I cultivate in my Tai Chi and Yoga can be in tangible.

But over the last few weeks I’ve been chanting a one-word mantra to myself in the shower and I keep it front of mind throughout the day. “Moderation.”

It has actually served me well. I’ve held off on tasks until another day when I’ve done 30 already today. I’ve taken one less nibble on something decadent. I’ve not pushed beyond my ability in a yoga posture on my mat. I’ve pushed pause on overthinking.

Give it a try.


I gave a shout this Tuesday on my Facebook wall, “Rina Risper is a godsend.” Well, The Freestyle blog, written by Darryl Evans gave Rina props today titled “R and R.”

Interested in gardening this year in Lansing and you haven’t a clue or are on a tight budget? Check out Let’s Garden Lansing for events and help getting started to grow your own food.

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