Cats United for Tiki Cat 2009

Cats the world over protest and riot in reaction to news there will be no more Tiki Cat cat food. Write your pet store owner, legislator, astronaut. Join the Facebook fan page. If you're not a part of the solution you ARE the problem.

News alert! Tiki Cat cat food no longer available.

I went to Preuss Pets, my regular Tiki dealer for at least two years, to find one lonely can.

I was told by Rick Preuss that the food is hung up with customs! See the food comes from Thailand. The fish parts or something, he said, are the problem! Shrimp, tuna, crab, sardines! What?

I came home and duly did a Google tactical search and couldn’t find any reference to a Tiki holdup with U.S. Customs. I don’t get it. If it’s about fish products coming from Thailand look at my sardines that I eat. They’re from Thailand.

Bogus excuse! Coverup. Conspiracy! We want the truth! And more importantly. WE WANT TIKI! (this is directly translated from my cats)

I came home with one crappy (my cats’ translation) can of sardine cat food. So, I’m turning to the power of the Internet and cat owners to galvanize a force. FREE THE TIKI! Give us free!

Look at the face of this 13-year-old who has who knows how many days left? She needs her Ahi Tuna. She’s feenin.’

Then there’s Mustafa, 2. How can you deny him?

Send your photos to this Facebook fan page – Cats demanding Tiki Cat cat food.

Write your pet store owner, legislator, astronaut… SOMEBODY!

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