Creactivist Change Agents

The Double Dutch poets Kirsten van den Hul a.k.a. The Change Agent and Najiba Abdellaoui are yogis, truly.

You’ve gotta check out these awesome poets – Double Dutch. They’re yogis and I don’t even know if they know it.

They performed at the Nuyorican Poets Café in Brooklyn on Nov. 24. They know my brother Baratunde (

Here’s what’s on the Nuyorican website: DOUBLE DUTCH: Straight from Holland is an evening full of female performance poetry by Kirsten van den Hul a.k.a. The Change Agent and Najiba Abdellaoui.

These two Amsterdames who are in NYC for the 400 years Amsterdam-New York celebrations won’t leave a subject untouched as they jump, twist and turn the tight rope between language and poetry, ego and selflessness, impressions and facts to drop their intercontinental universal message.

Complete Nuyorican promo of Double Dutch

Here’s a taste (audio files) of some of my favorites from that night. (some of the titles I didn’t catch so I made them up so I could remember them – sorry Kirsten and Najiba)

City breathes identities

Stereotypographical error

Preemptive apology to language

Finding artists who can tell it like it T-I-is is rare nowadays. Feel the smoothness of their delivery. The silky caramel and hot iron of their interplay.

Now tell them what you think.

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Najiba Abdellaoui’s blog.

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