Free LGBTQ Rainbow Yoga Flow at Spiral July 16!

Our hearts have been hurting.

Our anger has been brewing.

News accounts of the massacre in Orlando targeting the LGBTQ community left many dazed, numb.

Follow that up with more police killings of black men and then the killings of police.

We rally. We shout. We push for legislation. We push for changes in systems. We arm ourselves.

But we really need to heal.

All of this fear and hatred is hurting us all. Our souls and spirits are weary and tired.

This is why I wanted Just B Yoga to be a part of United We Stand.

This weekend Lansing based non-profit Mid-Michigan Massage Therapy Institute along with Lansing Area Massage Therapists is presenting the day-long event of healing arts at Spiral Dance Bar to support wellness. The day will include free massage and bodywork all day. There will be aromatherapy workshops and tie-dying workshops, a moment of reflection and YES – YOGA!

LGBTQ Yoga logo

Just B Yoga is holding a special LGBTQ Rainbow Yoga Flow – free! – on the main dance floor.


We will all dazzle up with glow bands and move our bodies in and out of postures to a fun playlist.

84b0d39cc19ba1186ccd79f967fd95f1Dress in your most fun outfits. Be yourselves. Let your light shine and share in the healing of community.

Yoga mean to create a union – a connection. We use our yoga postures and breathing to connect to our true selves – shedding what we don’t need to be carrying around and certainly shedding what others project onto us. We will connect to each other with authenticity, appreciating every unique aspect about each other. And we hope we will carry that connection with us after the event, remembering that we shared in sighs of relief, we allowed our community to give us tenderness and set down our swords in exchange for a hug.

Learn more about the event HERE.

Bring a yoga mat. We will have some but not enough for everyone.

This will be an all-levels flow, so if you’ve never done yoga before – come on and join us. It’s a yoga class like no other. Do you. Be you. Do you with us!



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