Get your head out of the game


“Get your head out of the game and just feel what you are feeling.” It’s wonderful how the lessons of  yoga are inside of  us all along. I often state this phrase or something like it while teaching asana.

I’m meaning it on a physical and internal level.

In Downward Facing Dog or Uttanasana we tend to not want to let the head go physically. It’s as though we think it’s going to fall off. But letting the neck go and feeling gravity take hold with trust and faith the practitioner can feel a wonderful traction release and lengthening of the spine that is not jarring or aggressive.

In Warrior 3 or Ardha Uttanasana or even in warrior 2 we have a tendency to want to crane our necks and look up or around. It’s as though we’re looking for approval or comparisons. There’s nothing to look at externally. Bring that gaze inward. What is the need to look around all about? Can we allow ourselves to just feel what we are feeling?

Well, I’ve been pushing myself like a mad woman recently on a project. This is all self-motivated, mind you. So I’m my sole driver. But it took a friend of mine to shine a mirror in front of me to see that I wasn’t feeling what I was feeling. I was forcing into action by sheer will – and it wasn’t working. Hah!

I’ve since regrouped and sat in meditation more and allowed my internal light to shine the way. (Got my own head out of the game)

There is no race.

There is no preconceived notion.

What is to be will be and I am only a conduit for it.


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