Good morning voicing

Said good morning out loud to the only other person on the river trail this morning.


He will see me. I will see him.

But he already sees me.

What does it mean to be heard?

Good morning.

How will it be received? Do I whisper it? Do I keep it in my head?

Do I act as though I am saying good morning to someone else? No one else is here.

Good morning.

A good morning follows in return. With an upward lilt at the end of the words and a quick turn of the body for a face-to-face greeting.



How are you this morning?

Very well thank you.

Anything biting this morning? He is sitting on the edge of a pier with a line out in the very low waters of the Grand River.
Nothing yet. I see them jumping up by the bridge. But I can’t cast that far! He laughs. Pointing to a bridge at least 100 yards away.

Smiles. A clear invitation for more conversation.

But my feet had never stopped walking. Twenty yards away was my signal our time together was done. That I was done sharing.

Had I really had enough? Had I had enough of this person that I didn’t know? Had I had enough of myself? Of that much giving and being seen?

I sounded my voice. I let it out of my head. But how big could I let my voice be? How big am I willing to let it be?

Observing this exchange. Seeing the openings and the obstructions to expression and vulnerability of voicing.

Do I fear what will come out of my voice, of my expression?

Or do I fear what will come back in return?

Good morning.

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