Help a Just B Yoga friend fund a school yoga program in Texas

Anika Fassia practicing yoga in Art Alley, an art gallery in Lansing.

Three years ago I met Anika Fassia at the Shabazz Academy for the free weekly yoga class I taught there.

It was the beginning of Just B Yoga and the dawning of practice for Anika.

She went on to take yoga teacher training and even taught a kids yoga workshop with us.

She moved to Austin, Texas and her practice and connection to community is only growing stronger.

She is the vice president on the board of Community Yoga Austin, a non profit organization that provides yoga to the under served.

They have a goal to raise money for an elementary school yoga program. Physical exercise and mindfulness are so important for developing children and unfortunately much exercise is cut from school programming due to tight budgets. Yoga can be a perfect match helping calm the mind and keep the body strong.

Community Yoga Austin can only afford one class in one school right now, but if they get support in their crowd funding campaign, they could get supplies and teachers for at least three more schools.

Anika, left, in a yoga class at the Shabazz Academy gym.
Anika, left, in a yoga class at the Shabazz Academy gym.

Check out their Indiegogo.

The video reminds me of the early days in the school gymnasium teaching yoga to who ever wanted to check it out.

This is indeed a worthy cause.


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