How are you? Really?

People ask us how we are all the time.

Do you notice what you answer?

Often it’s a quick, auto-reply: “OK”, or “fine.”

But it’s also equally an answer like this:

“Aw man, my car didn’t start and I think I need to spend a lot of money to get it fixed.”

“I’ve been busy with (project x).”

“I’m almost done with studying for (degree, program).”

“The kids are ages (x and x) so you know, it’s kind of crazy.”


But we didn’t really answer the question. We gave a response about how our “things” are, not how WE are.


We are so connected to the external doings and beings that we cannot even recognize we haven’t noticed how WE are from the inside out.


Our yoga and meditation practices give us an opportunity to sit with our true selves like a good friend sitting on a sofa together and saying, “How are you?”


Let yourself inquire how your heart is, how your desires are, how your body aches and pains feel. It’s not a fix it session. It’s just a true and honest walk discussion with one another where you let it all truly hang out.


It’s a practice of just being yourself with yourself. Nobody is watching. Nobody is judging. You don’t need a mask or a “good reason” to feel how you feel.


How are you?

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