Join Just B Yoga at Michigan Yoga Fest

Just B Yoga is excited to be invited to present two programs at YogaFest this year at the end of July. Students are encouraged to attend and receive a 15% discount on your registration fee by using promo code: JustBmeetsYF

YogaFest is like going home for Michigan yogis. Nestled in the heart of the Pigeon River Forest, we gather unchained from the constant buzz of electronics and hyperactivity, to root and settle and share fest logo

Belinda Thurston, founder and primary instructor at Just B Yoga, a donation-based community yoga studio.

She will teach a workshop for teachers: “Teaching Community Yoga.”

This workshop will share tips to make yoga accessible to a wider range of people in the community:

  • plus-sized people
  • elderly
  • LGBTQ community, particularly those who are transgender
  • permitting and children in adult classes

Belinda will share the importance of teaching to these populations and tips for mindfully teaching in body, speech and mind.

What are some safety precautions for body alignment and to promote health and healing?

What is the language of our teaching and why it matters?

Here I am teaching the first Just B Yoga classes in 2010 at the Shabazz Academy.
Here I am teaching the first Just B Yoga classes in 2010 at the Shabazz Academy.

How to specifically market to people in these groups and why.


Transform your Yoga Business into a Yoga Sangha

Oftentimes we pay lip-service to the word sangha when we talk about our yoga studios. It’s usually a very closed group of people, a club so to speak, of people who retreat together, ooh and ahh over the latest outfit or yoga mat. Maybe they participated in a yoga challenge or selfie snapathon on Facebook.

This presentation will challenge studio owners and students to take their studio to the next level and abandon yoga as a business and instead plug into and help build, repair and grow our Michigan communities.

  • What non-yoga or asana related activity has your studio or your teachers participated in on the studio’s behalf
  • What organizations does your studio belong to that have nothing to do with yoga poses or philosophy?
  • What partnerships can you be making with causes in your community that can make a difference.

This will be an interactive talk. Come with examples in your community. Let’s share and together break the mold of yoga business and build yoga sanghas in our Michigan towns.

Half Moon Cycle
Half Moon Cycle


Donate to Just B Yoga

Our studio exists because of donations and support from the community. We believe yoga should be affordable and accessible to all. Please consider supporting our mission:

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