July Kids Yoga Day Camp schedule

The summer’s final kids yoga day camps will be held the week of July 14 and July 21, Tuesdays

Layla in the pink and blue, upside down with Malik in downdog.
Layla in the pink and blue, upside down with Malik in downdog.

and Thursday from 2-5 p.m.

One week: $25/week (CLICK BUY PACKAGE)


Yoga is a great activity for children to explore movement and body awareness.

But it also can help children connect to calm and focused exercises.


Our Kids Yoga Day Camps offer yoga postures, games, music and art.

They learn how to use breath to remain calm and focused. Music and art activities weave in yoga themes and cultural lessons about India.

Games give opportunity for partnering and teamwork with a focus on respecting one another’s boundaries.

We’ve expanded the camp to allow children ages 6-12.


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