Just say no to on-the-go yoga

Slow down. That’s the theme of our Monday night Yin Yoga with Donnielle and the Restorative Yoga class on Tuesday nights with Heather.

Slow DOWN.

Everything doesn’t have to be GO, GO, GO

Why would we want to take that attitude with us on the yoga mat if that’s what we face every second off the mat?

The point of our yoga practice is to notice and observe ourselves and we can’t do that in a blur.

So what do I mean notice and observe ourselves? And why in the hell would we want to do that?

Right now as you’re reading this can you recall noticing how you reached for the door handle of the last door you touched? What the air felt like? What the knob felt like? How cold or wet or hot it was?

Right now, can you recall how it felt as you stood in the last line you were in? What did the ground or floor feel like? What aromas could you smell? How many faces did you really see? Did you smile?


Throughout each moment that we are graced to breathe how aware are we? How attentive are we to the gift of the moment? And within that gifted moment what did we notice about our minds? We we aggravated? Were we present? Or were we in a future thought or plan? Were we in a memory or regret?

Mind you, on-the-go mindfulness is hard. It takes a LOT of practice.

So we should start with baby steps on our yoga mat.


Take 60 minutes to just … be… right … there.

Nowhere else.


And  notice what’s really aching and tired. What’s really relieved and finding restoration. What is our heart really feeling and needing? And just how tired is that non-stop brain that’s begging for an all-stop?

So why would we want to do this?

Because in this gift of slowing down and being where we are we get to FEEL.

Not think.

Not do.

Not fix.

Not plan.

Not improve.


We just FEEL. And in that feeling we can find soothing and healing and contentment, or at least become awakened to the fact that we need soothing and healing and contentment.

Consider your slow yoga practices the rest stops on the busy highways that let you see the vistas and hear the birds and see the sky and remember, it’s not the destination, but the journey.


So come try our Yin Yoga and our Restorative Yoga classes that are the newest classes on the schedule and see the benefits of slowing down and noticing your feet and not just the ground beneath you. Your feet and your spirit will thank you.

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