Make a difference

Tonight’s the night! Our Wednesday yoga class is moving to Art Alley at 6 p.m.

We’re practicing yoga to DJ Rachael and we’re gathering afterward with food from Feed Your Karma.

This special 2-hour class is about celebrating and giving back to the community.

The drive to give back comes from a lot of places. My awesome family – my mom, my grandmother and my brother. My yoga and tai chi practices that remind me I’m a part of a greater whole.

But it also comes from influential mentors, sometimes I like to call them angels.

Bob Fryer was one of them. My sense of social responsibility comes from my early years as a journalist. Those years were shaped by Bob. He took a city kid and made me a universal reporter. He helped me open my eyes and truly see. He also  helped me push to edges I never knew I had.

Sound like yoga?

Some of you may be laughing at the thought of Fryer doing yoga. I lift the corners of my mouth in a smile at that thought too.

But it is all yoga. It’s all united into this cycle of life.

My mentor  passed away this morning. Here is his obituary.

I have struggled today with trying to keep up with the countless little last-minute things that need to be prepped for tonight’s event. A sadness wants to overtake me. But just as it nears, my spirit brightens a little at a memory of his gruff demeanor but soft heart. His mannerisms. His swagger. His eyes.

I am filled with gratitude at how much he made a difference in my life. I’m charged with the responsibility of doing the same with as much of my being as I can.

I hope you join us for yoga tonight. It just got a little more special.

Community. Transformation. Making a difference.


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