A student recently asked if I had any resources for meditation on the road. They have a long commute and they have a stressful job. So they wanted something to listen to in order to keep their connection to calm heading into work and leaving.

As I scrounged up some of my favorites I thought it might be something others could benefit from.

Yoga and meditation can only take us so far in a studio environment. We’ve got to practice off the mat. We’ve got to make a practice of practicing!!

And that means finding practice that fits your life not to fit your life into some ideal of what you think practice looks like.

So, practice on the go!

Yes, there’s an app for that … and a download and a stream and more!

Here’s some free on-the-go practice tools that are on my go-to list.

Audio Dharma

This is a nearly daily audio podcast that you can subscribe to or go to their website. It offers a range of content. Some are mindfulness discussions – dharma talks. Some are guided meditations. Others are Q&A sessions. There are one-hour sessions and quick 6-minute sessions.

This is mostly Buddhist content.


Very similar to Audio Dharma and has some of the same speakers.


The Meditation Podcast

Guided meditations that use sound therapies. Very calming. Some require a lot of time. But very calming.

The Free Mindfulness Project

Lots of quick, short, useful downloads!

The practices are based in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) and other closely related approaches.
This is a fabulous app for your phone. It can be accessed on desktop as well. But if you’re on the go, this is a really good resource. Downside? You need to choose a category you are most interested in, you don’t get to select multiples. So, anxiety or improve sleep, as an example.

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