New Tai Chi 6-week Series starts Feb. 27

New 6-week online tai chi class starts Feb. 27.

Join us to begin your journey into the benefits and balancing energies of Tai Chi. This course is an introduction to some Tai Chi fundamentals of:

  • Rooting and sinking energy
  • Continual flow
  • Emptiness

And we begin to learn the movements of the Cheng Man-Ch’ing Short Yang form. This is a set sequence of movements to memorize. This form is upright and less stressful on the body than some other intense forms, making it more accessible to different abilities and ages. You are standing, or can use a chair if you fatigue. But we do not get down on the floor in Tai Chi.

This virtual class is held Saturdays at 9 a.m. via Zoom.

The series includes:

  • Weekly live group class and access to video recording of that class
  • Two (2) half-hour private zoom sessions for one-on-one instruction and review
  • PDF of Just B Yoga Tai Chi form manual
  • Access to video library of the complete form for review


Price $80 (scholarships available – email


  • Comfortable loose clothing
  • soft-soled shoes (or bare feet if you are comfortable and won’t stub a toe)
  • About 6 square feet of space
  • A laptop or desktop web cam and stable internet
  • Enough distance from the camera so your whole body can be seen
  • Perhaps an external (bluetooth or wired) speaker, so you can hear
  • Notepad and pen/pencil
  • Open mind and patience 🙂

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