New yoga classes starting May!

We are excited to offer two new classes on schedule with new teachers who completed our teacher training program.

These classes start the first week of May.

Sign up HERE and enjoy these new restorative and fun classes.


Spirit Flow with Elige.

6 p.m. Tuesday (Level 1-3)
Connect with the voice of your spirit through this meditative movement class that blends gentle slow flow yoga, techniques from Kundalini yoga, breath practice and yoga nidra (a guided meditative relaxation).
Juicy Yoga with Elige and Donnielle.

7:30 p.m. Wednesday. (Level 2-3)
– Find the juicy feel-good spaces in your practice in this two part class. The first half of the class focuses on building heat, strength and flexibility with a practice that focuses on flow and transition, finding the ‘juicy’ through movement. The second part of the class moves into a yin or restorative space, using props to support longer holds, finding the ‘juicy’ through stillness. Focus is given to proper alignment and breath awareness.

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