Oren Kennedy: A spirit of strength, survival and super powers

Our Tai Chi student, Oren Kennedy, is spotlighted on LansingYoga.com today.

Oren is an amazing spirit. Any of you who have gotten to know him, he’s kind and sweet, and kinda crazy!

Oren Kennedy with Just B Yoga & Tai Chi school at the 2012 Lansing Dragonboat races.

An environmental analyst for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Kennedy, 49, is known for his sharp mind and memory.

After more than a year of taking tai chi at Just B Yoga, Kennedy shared his personal journey with me. It’s a story of resilience, patience and joy within the turmoil of repeated traumatic injury, pain and fear.

Oren suffered a closed-head brain injury before graduating from MSU. He later was assaulted and suffered a fractured jaw that he’s still recovering from today.

But those events and traumas don’t define Oren.

He’s almost fearless in his pursuits – kayaking, mountain biking, snowboarding.

Oren twisted my arm last year to paddle with a team at the Lansing Dragonboat races because the team lacked enough players. This was the morning of, mind you.

He just wanted to join in the fun of the day.

Find the fun – that’s what Oren told me at the end of this story.

Yes – find the fun indeed.




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