Peruvian Shamanic healer comes to Just B Yoga April 1


When’s the last time you looked at the sky or a tree or a flower and gained insight about how the universe works and how your spiritual and physical health is connected to it?Hachumak2008
The study of energy and how we relate to the earth around us is as old as man has existed in time. But we often live disconnected from it. That disconnection causes us illness or dis-ease of mind, body and spirit.
The systems of energy range from yoga to tai chi to various religions even.
There are gifted people among us who have sensed these energies in particularly strong ways and have been charged with translating what they’ve experienced for others to learn from.
Those who share the wisdom of what they’ve learned are honored as sages – gurus, lamas, monks, elders  … shamans.
Just B Yoga is honored to host a shaman from Lima, Peru – Jorge Hachumak – for a discussion and healing and drumming session. (Read “A Journey to the Peruvian Amazon with Healer, Shaman Jorge Flores Araoz”)


Hachumak is a modern-day shaman bringing the wisdom from our primal selves into our modern day situations.

He is a highly skilled Tai Chi master and Nei Gong practitioner. He has used his Nei Gong for healing in hospitals. He also trained with traditional Peruvian shamans to learn ancient and primal healing practices.
Drawing from his knowledge in all these practices he will share how to activate the energies in our bodies cultivate a sacred relationship with the earth and connect with the healing forces in nature.
In a 2013 talk in New York, he broke down what the healing is actually about.

“What we heal is not the body,” he said. “The body is a consequence of the status of the soul.”

Often people come to him for healing he said, who “want to be arranged and fixed to continue to do what they do all the time. But healing is to protect the balance of this creation.”

“The definition of a medicine man is someone who is helping to protect the balance of nature,” he said.
The balance to be maintained is:
Work against suffering
Help people understand
Try to keep the spiritual component, the sacred component in everyday life.

Ancient and primal ways of viewing life and living life are falling away on the globe, he said.
“Most of our societies are soon going to have the same rules about how we see life,” he said. And that view is a “very ill way.”
“We are living in a society of fear, where everything is taken and all the choices are made for avoiding possible risks, possible pains and possible damages,” he said. “We are very far way from the way of the jungle, where things are different every moment. So we are producing a lot of illness, becoming more fragile emotionally, not able to distinguish what is harmful for ourselves or others, because we just follow…makes us passive… a lot of our society ignores the spiritual and the subtle worlds…we are told to be ignore the messages we are receiving all the time.”

But as conscious beings, he said, “We are here to act and to choose.”

We hope you join us for this powerful discussion to learn more about modern-day shaman, Jorge Hachumak, and how you can invite healing into your life.



Hachumak began studying *Nei Gong and Tai Chi in the 90’s in Lima’s Chinatown and eventually went on to become the South American Tai Chi champion. He studied with 5 Chinese teachers who taught him the subtleties of working with QI in the body. From this he was able to awaken the healing ability and worked for several years in hospitals in Peru teaching Nei Gong exercises and using energy healing with them. He developed a unique compilation of the exercises that would most easily and quickly access the healing changes that patients needed.

About 20 years ago he was introduced to the ancient Peruvian healing traditions though his work with patients in the hospitals. They began to invite him to their villages. In these places, a continuum of wisdom has been kept concerning the keeping of healthy relationships between the people and environment. Arising from the healing connection he made with them, the elders started sharing with him their knowledge of plant medicines and of the sacred geographies of the land. Following this guidance led him eventually to living with a tribe in the Amazon. He learned the old ways of bringing the powers of nature to access the soul of the patient for healing.

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