Roller Derby-Yoga Fusion? Hmmmm…

I like to think I’m kind of a bad ass (or have been at least, in my day).

I played rugby in high school (one of two pioneering women on a male team!)

I played rugby when I was in college for the Pittsburgh Women’s Rugby League (our T-shirt said No Balls at All)

I went through Army Ranger training in ROTC.

So don’t let my modern-day peaceful veneer of yoga and tai chi let you think I’m softie. My friend Holly always like to bring up an old quote of mine, “I’m at peace when I’m kicking you’re a—.”

So it warms my heart to merge my two spirits together.

Just B Yoga is going to start cross training one of Lansing’s roller derby teams, the Lansing Derby Vixens.

Yes, we will Kick Your Asana!

The classes are private and only for the Vixens. We get rollin’ tomorrow after Hip Hop Power Hour.

Fridays just got a whole lot more INTENSE!

All rough and rugged smack talk aside, I’m excited to merge forces with these power house ladies.

The Vixens are all about community and #lovelansing and so is Just B.

They are a non-profit organization and they give back to Lansing in big and small ways.


I know powerful good will come of our partnership!


Thanks to the Vixens and the Lansing community.

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